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shutterbug moments
by dan and mitch

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 // 9:16 pm

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, Dan's currently in Melbourne and can't really blog so it'll just be me every so often.  That and just general laziness after graduation - it's a strange feeling having nothing to do and being so bored…

So the other day I had lunch with all my family at Southbank and I brought along the trusty D90.  I was just taking photos for fun and the silly faces that come with having so many cousins younger than you and I managed to get a photo like the one above.  One of my cousins was running around and jumped off the ledge onto the river bank.  I guess it was a momentary shot that was just there at the right time.

Taken on my D90 in Brisbane (Southbank), Australia and edited in Aperture 3.